8,9,12,33,55,6364,65,70,79,86,98,100. Sorry for so many, you just seem so interesting!

Don’t worry anon, it really isnt alot lol.

8: yes, plenty of times.

9: yes, over something stupid i lost a very close friend.

12: no

33: like 6 years ago.

55: never had one, im not into that.

63: things to get better

64/65: no,I dont think its happening, I cant even get a boyfriend! lol

70: older

79: yes

86: no

98: for life to stop shitting on me every day.

100: I dont know. I cant really honestly answer that question. Im comfortable in it i guess, but idk anon, idk…

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qualities to look for in guys:

•gives you flowers
•has branches for arms
•can only say like three words
•is groot


Uhh Brendon… you ok?
I saw Guardians of the Galaxy a few days ago. Took my unfinished grootling.
Can I like, get your kik or IG, or something? I just want to talk to your beautiful self.

Talk nerdy to me anon. Kik: elleecstatic

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